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Sometimes friends and clients ask me about what kind of gear I use during my photo shoots and weddings.

Here is a small list of my gear that I like to use. With links to Amazon where you can by them if you want to use them too.



I don’t buy new gear that often buy when I do it’s usually sd cards. I feel like Sandisk is the best and most reliable brand. Here are the two that I buy the most. And these will work in point and shoot cameras and they are great for shooting video as well.


Sometimes I’ll have the need to use a tripod to hold my camera steady while I’m shooting. I like to use Manfrotto tripods.


I use a couple of different cameras. I shoot with Nikon cameras, but most cameras now are very good. So it really doesn’t matter to much on what brand you use. I just prefer Nikon. They have several different models to pick from, all great! Follow the link to see the list of Nikon cameras you can choose. All great models!

Little Rock Family Photographer Larry Elmore


No camera is any good without a great lens. Depending on what type of photography you are shooting will determine what kind of lens you will need to use. I use a few different lenses most of the time. Here are my lenses I use:




Once you gather up all this gear you’ll need a good safe way to carry it to your photo shoot. I use a great backpack made by Tenba. I really like it and it keeps all my gear safe and dry.

This most of the gear I use on photo shoots and weddings. If you have any questions about gear or how to use it just fill out the form below and I’ll be glad to help!

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