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Frequently Asked Questions About Little Rock Portrait Photography

Welcome to the Little Rock Family Photographer page where I answer any questions you may have about your portrait session.

Frequently Asked Questions About Little Rock Portrait PhotographyIf you’ve already booked your family portrait session and have questions, or if you’re just browsing around trying to get information about booking a family portrait shoot, find answers below to the most popular question about portrait photo shoots. If I fail to answer a question you have, go to the bottom of the page and click the button, send me a message and I will do my best to answer any addtional questions you might have. About my services or photography in general. I am here to help!

Frequently Asked Questions About Little Rock Portrait Photography

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Who is the photographer? Who is taking the pictures?
Elmore Photography is made up of a husband and wife team. Larry Elmore is the person behind the camera taking the pictures. Angie Elmore is the one looking for all the details. Like making sure hair is in place and clothing is not in disarray. She is also great finding the perfect pose for a family and getting the kids to laugh and smile.
What should we wear to the photo shoot?
The most important thing is that you are comfortable. If you’re not comfortable then more than likely you will want to rush through you’re photo session, not smile and not have fun during the shoot. “Dressy Casual” is a great option for everyone. It’s comfortable enough to have fun in and dressy enough to make everyone in the family look their best. As far as colors, they all look good, but reds, blues, and yellows really pop in an image. Black, grey, brown, cream and white also look very classy. We recommend picking  a color palette and coordinate naturally from there. We don’t recommend wild colorful patterns, plaids, or shirts with images or words on them. Clothing like this, We feel draws the attention away from our client. 
Do you use professional camera equipment? Did you buy your camera at Walmart?
We use professional camera bodies made by Nikon. Professional low light (fast) lenses made by Nikon, Sigma and Tamron. And we use Extreme Pro SD cards and CF cards made by SanDisk. They are high quality and we’ve never had them fail to capture and save our images. The equipment we use you can not buy at Walmart. Although you can purchase some great cameras at Walmart for personal use that take wonderful pictures.
How many photos will you take during our portrait session? And how many will I get?
You will hear the camera clicking a lot during your photo shoot. Depending on the length of your photo session we may take 50 shots or we may take 200 shots. We will pick the best of the best images to edit from whats on the card. You will recieve 20 to 50 images in your online gallery to pick from. Or if you choose the CD option you will get all 20 to 50 edited images.
How long before I can see my images?
Everyone is anxious to see those perfect shots we captured! Usually we will have your gallery ready to view within 2-3 weeks if you had a portrait session. And 4-6 weeks if we captured your wedding day. And normally we will have a sneak peak of 2 or 3 images for you to look at within a few days of your shoot.
How do I book my portrait session?
Simply let us know you would like to book a session by calling 501-732-0750 or going to our contact page and sending us a message. We will go over what kind of session you are looking to capture. Also we will talk about a date that will work best. As well as picking a location that fits what type of professional portraits you are wanting to create. This is the same process used for booking wedding photography. We just need to know the date of your wedding to see if we are available.
What location do we have the photo shoot?
We are not a studio photography company. All images we capture are on location. If you like the studio look, we can create that look in your home with our portable studio equipment.  We prefer the outdoor natural light look. No studio setup can match the beautiful backdrop of our outdoor world. And that can be anything from a tall city building or train bridge in Downtown Little Rock to the grassy field or grove of trees by your home. There are many parks, lakes, creeks and train tracks around the Central Arkansas area that we can suggest if you don’t have a spot in mind.
How long will my photo session last?

Normally our portrait sessions last 1 hour, sometimes a little longer.

Can we bring a change of outfits?
Absolutely you can. As many as you want. It’s your portrait session and your memories, we can fit as many locations and outfit changes in your 1-2 hour session as we can.
Will we need to pay for our pictures at the time of the photo session?
All session packages come with high resolution image files on a CD. You won’t pay for your prints until you’ve seen them and decided which ones you want as prints.  We will print your images, make your CD of image files and hand deliver them to you. At that time you pay for your prints and CD.
How do you process your images?
We shoot all images in RAW format. We run all images through Adobe Lightroom for editing and touch ups. Then if needed we run the edited images through Adobe Photoshop for additional editing and more touch up. The images you recieve will be high resolution jpeg format files. We never sell or hand over the unedited RAW files to a client.
Do you ever give classes on how to operate my camera or how to edit images?
At this time we do not. We have been asked by many clients to start having classes because many of them have very nice DSLR cameras and would like to learn how to use them. At this moment we don’t have the time it would take to teach a proper photography class or photoshop class. We shoot all our cameras in manual mode so we can control all the light that enters the camera. It take some time to learn this mode coming from program or auto mode. But we always try to answer any questions our clients have about photography or cameras. So feel free to shoot us an email with your questions.

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